Alan K. Nomura, DDS, LLC
Expert Restorative, Esthetic, Laser & TMJ Dentistry
1-I am dedicated and committed to excellence
2-Kaheka Professional Center
3-Refreshment Center
4 - Large, Comfortable And Relaxing Massage Chairs
6-Warm And Friendly Staff
7 - Knowledgeable And Highly Skilled Staff
8 - Dr Nomura cares about You
9 - Before And After Invisalign- (Beautiful Straight White Teeth!)
10 - Before Invisalign - (Discolored MalalignedTeeth)
11 - After Invisalign - (Beautiful Straight White Teeth!)
12 - Beautiful Straight White Teeth Equals Success! 2010 Narcissus Queen Angie Zhang
13 - Before - Ugly
14-After - Beautiful White Restorations Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger!
15-Shanghai, China
16-Enjoy life
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