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  The Dental Laser
Tomorrow's Dentistry... Today

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our patients with the best possible care, we're pleased to offer the benefits of the dental laser. We hope the following will "enlighten" you regarding this exciting new technology.



The single most important factor in stopping periodontal disease is the control of bacteria. Studies show that laser therapy can achieve a 99% bacteria kill for up to 6 months. Laser procedures are usually painless and can be performed without anesthesia.


Did you know that "short teeth" or a "gummy smile" could actually be due to excessive gum tissue covering the teeth. We can easily correct this problem with our dental laser by creating an even, harmonious gumline that will make your smile more beautiful.

As a patient, what does the laser mean to me?
The laser is very precise and allows us to treat gum disease earlier than ever before. We can often intercept problems before they require you to face more serious (and expensive) treatment.

Gum disease may be today's most serious dental problem. When the laser treats soft tissue in the mouth, there is little or no bleeding. It also means less risk of spreading blood-born diseases. Gum disease is linked to heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, lung disease and cancer. Eliminating your gum disease can increase your lifespan by 8 years.

Will it hurt?
The aspect of the laser many patients appreciate most is its comfort. While no treatment is truly painless, the laser greatly reduces the need for anesthetics such as novocaine. This enhances our ability to treat patients who are pregnant or medically compromised. And with the laser, the need for postoperative pain medication is also reduced or eliminated.

Is it safe?
Yes, very safe. Lasers like the one in our office have safely performed millions of procedures. This safety is also supported by hundreds of university studies. Our laser is so precise, it only removes a few cell layers at a time. It delivers its beam in tiny pulses. In any given second, it is actually off longer than it is on. Most procedures use less than three watts of power, less than many portable phones.

Are any precautions necessary?
Laser energy is not radioactive but simply magnified light. However, just as you wear sunglasses while tanning on the beach, you'll wear special glasses during your treatment to protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to the bright light.

What does the laser look like?
The dental laser is a small, shoebox--sized unit which contains an energy source and a sophisticated electronic control system. The laser light is delivered by a pen-like handpiece (see picture to the left) connected to the energy source by a lightweight optical fiber.

What does it sound like?
As the pulses of laser energy leave the tip of the optical fiber, there is a soft beeping sound. Our patients say that it is not at all unpleasant.

Is every patient treated with the laser?
Though the laser is wonderful instrument, it is not appropriate for all procedures. It is frequently used in conjunction with conventional instruments.




Our office offers a gentle new "drill-less" technology that can frequently be used in place of or in conjunction with the drill to make procedures more comfortable.

  • Less need for injections
  • Less tooth structure removed
  • No vibration
  • No whining sound
  • Less time in the chair

Thank to this new technology, we can provide you with attractive, tooth-colored fillings faster and easier than ever before.



Drill-Less Dentistry


Drill-less dentistry employs kinetic energy, the energy of mass in motion.
A minute stream of alpha alumina particles are propelled by compressed air at a rate of more than 4.3 million particles per second to gently and precisely spray away decay.